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About Us





The Righteous Riders Christian Motorcycle Club is a group of Christian bikers who ride together and share two great loves:

First, being a born again Christian and having a relationship with Jesus.

Second, riding motorcycles.


As a part of this effort we participate with other Christian organizations and motorcycle organizations (Christian and non-Christian).

The Righteous Riders Christian Motorcycle Club began as a vision of three Christian bikers in 1981. They wanted to be able to ride and make a positive impact in the biker community and ride for a purpose. When it came to designing the center patch they decided to pray about it and God gave them all the same vision.

  Some of the meanings of the words for Righteous in Hebrew are:

  To be straight or even, to be right, pleasant, prosperous, direct, fit.

Some of the meanings in the Greek are:

Equitable in character or act, holy, just.

The word Riders means to dispatch.

Now when these two words are put together it gives a clearer picture of the Righteous Riders. The Righteous Riders are to dispatch the Word of God straight, direct and pleasant to bring the lost into the Kingdom of God.


The Righteous Riders have a general meeting on the first Monday of every month for a time of Praise and Worship, Bible study, discussion of up coming events and pray for the needs of each other and the good of the club. We ride on events held by other clubs to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We also go into churches, youth clubs, prisons, swap meets and any other locations where we are invited, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the difference He has made in our lives.


We have five events that we hold yearly:

First is our yearly banquet. It's a time to introduce new officers, to present awards and colors to new members. Food, fellowship and entertainment are the highlights of the evening.

Second is our men's advance. This is a time of enrichment of all who go. We leave on Friday and come back on Sunday. Again it's a time of Praise and Worship, Bible study, fellowship, prayer and unity, also some nice riding and good food.


Third is a one-day mystery ride. There is no annual date set for this. The men of the club plan a ride for our wives.

Fourth is our pig roast, which is held in August. What is there to say, FOOD, motorcycle games, GOOD FOOD, fellowship, LOTS OF FOOD, entertainment and a good time, did we mention FOOD?

Fifth is a yearly fall run, which is in October. This is a ride that gives us a chance to enjoy God's coloring book.


We welcome anyone to these events, especially bikers.