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By Laws Of The

Righteous Riders Christian

Motorcycle Club Of

Western New York Inc.

Revised - May 2002

    1. The order of business for a regular membership meeting shall be as follows:
            a. Opening prayer (scripture, song, praise, etc.)
            b. Reading of minutes of previous meeting(s)
            c. Report of Executive Board Meeting (i.e. reading of minutes)
            d. Report of Officers
            e. Report of Treasurer
            f. Report of Committees
            g. Chapter Report(s) as required
            h. Unfinished Business
            i. New Business
            j. Good of the order
            k. Closing Prayer

    2. The club shall not require monthly dues of any member, and shall operate
         totally on contributions and  fund raising  projects. However, the Executive
         Board can make requests for support from the general
         membership if they so deem it necessary.

    3. All bills must be approved by the Executive Board before they are paid.
        Chapter bills are the responsibility  of said chapter. All chapters are required
        to keep accounting documents as designated by the club Treasurer  and will
        submit for audits upon request of the club Treasurer.

    4. Only members fully patched for one year shall be eligible to hold an office.
        Any fully patched member is eligible to vote in the club. A retired member
         will not be eligible to hold an office or to vote.

    5. Disciplinary Act: Matthew 18:15-17

        A member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the
        Club as the Scripture are for reproof, 2 Timothy 3:16, we are responsible
        to our fellow members for his actions. If we find that we have a problem
        with a member's actions or alleged actions, we should approach that person
        as Christ instructs in Matthew 18:16.  If this step does not reach the issue or
        difference, we should take a witness(es) to that person as in Matthew 18:16.
        If resolve cannot be reached at this level, then as in Matthew 18:17, we
        should bring that person before the  Executive Board for the appropriate action.
        The Executive Board will have a meeting with the charged member.
        They shall take evidence of such accusation and report to the club membership
        its findings with their recommendation.
        Let the recommendation be of these two:
                a. That the charges be considered proven and the member expelled from
                     the club.
                b. That the charges be considered not proven and the accused member
                     is exonerated and remain a member of the club.
        If this person is removed from membership, he may resubmit an application
        for membership to the club upon his repentance.

    6. If an Executive Board member is not willing or able to conduct the duties
        of his elected office, he may be removed  from office by:
                a. Volunteering to step down.
                b. Recommendation of the remaining Executive Board members.

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    7. Amendments to the adopted Constitution and By-Laws may be added or
         deleted, provided that such amendments  be adopted in the following manner:
                a. The amendment be brought up at a regular business meeting.
                b. The membership be notified via mail at least one week before the
                    next scheduled business meeting.
                c. The amendment shall be voted upon by fully patched members in
                    attendance at the meeting, it shall then become effective.

    8. Colors of the RRCMC
            a. Are a registered logo of the RRCMC.
            b. Are the property of the RRCMC.
            c. Will be provided to members only by the Executive Board.
            d. Monies will be collected to cover the cost and use of all items bearing
                the RRCMC logo, i.e.. hats, pins, shirts, etc.
            e. The price of such items will be set by the Executive Board as the need
            f. Removal of the Colors by request of the Executive Board may be done
                for the following reasons:
                1. Membership and/or application for membership to a Club or group
                    with beliefs or practices contrary to  Christian principles and/or
                    the RRCMC.
                2. Lifestyle practices against Christian principles including, but not
                    limited to, adultery, fornication, use of alcohol while representing the
                    RRCMC, drunkenness, use and/or possession of illegal drugs
                    or narcotics, witchcraft, and idol worship.
                3. Resignation from the RRCMC.
            g. The Executive Board may grant a member, upon written request, the
                right to keep RRCMC colors.
                This action may be employed when said member leaves the RRCMC
                in good standing.

    9. Requirements for membership:
            a. Must be Born Again.
            b. Letter of testimony from candidate.
            c. Letter of recommendation from candidate's Pastor.
            d. Actively participating in a church with such proof in Pastor's letter
                of recommendation.
            e. Complete all requirements of a Striker.
            f. Demonstrate a lifestyle consistent with God's Word.
            g. A fully patched member with 10 years of service may request,
                in writing, to retire from the RRCMC.
                A retired member will receive a retirement patch, and he will not be
                eligible hold office or to vote.

    10. Requirements for a Striker:
            a. Candidate must "hang around" the RRCMC at least 30 days prior to
                applying for membership.
            b. Candidate must be Born Again.
            c. Candidate must submit a letter of testimony.
            d. Candidate must have a letter of recommendation from his Pastor
                submitted to the Executive Board.
            e. A sponsor will be assigned by the Executive Board.
            f. Candidate must understand the Constitution, Statement of Purpose,
                and Bylaws of the RRCMC.
            g. A Striker must introduce themselves as a Striker of the RRCMC.
            h. A non-refundable Striker fee will be collected from each Striker as
                determined by the Executive Board.
            i. The Striker period will be a minimum of 3 months. If the Striker does
                not advance in 3 months he and his  sponsor may meet with the
                Executive Board to ask why.
            j. A Striker will appear before the Executive Board to be questioned when
               he makes application and again before he gets fully patched.
            k. A Striker must pass an accredited motorcycle safety course before
                being fully patched.

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