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            Constitution Of The
     Righteous Riders Christian
          Motorcycle Club
      Western New York Inc.



Revised - June 2002

ARTICLE I This club shall be known as the Righteous Riders Christian Motorcycle Club of Western New York, Inc. (RRCMC)

ARTICLE II All member of the RRCMC must agree to follow the Statement of Purpose of the RRCMC which is as follows:
The purpose for which this ministry was organized was, and is, exclusively for Christian Evangelism and Christian Educational purposes, to wit; to encourage and             conduct public worship, ministry and Christian Evangelistic Crusades. To proclaim, teach, and spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with instructions, doctrines, and teachings of the Bible. Specifically to, but not limited to, those persons involved in motorcycling. It is not, nor has it ever been, the intention of this ministry to promote any denomination and/or group of individuals. We are interdenominational and support only the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

ARTICLE III The RRCMC may be comprised of satellite chapters, under the authority of the Executive Board. Satellite Chapters would be required to obtain uniform patches (colors) from the Mother Chapter.

ARTICLE IV The RRCMC is an interdenominational organization open to all, provided they comply with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ARTICLE V Membership in the RRCMC is open to all Christian men; To wit; you must be born again and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, regardless of race, provided they are 21 years of age and have a motorcycle and a motorcycle license (or in the process of obtaining them).

ARTICLE VI The Colors are a registered logo and property of the RRCMC.

ARTICLE VII There shall be no monthly dues required for membership in RRCMC. The RRCMC will be supported by donations and/or club fund raising projects. All monies will be turned into the treasury of RRCMC in a timely manner; 10% of all monies raised by any chapter will be returned to the Mother chapter.

ARTICLE VIII The Executive Board of the RRCMC will consist of the elected offices:
President, Vice President. Secretary, and Treasurer, plus one Director for every fifteen (15) active members.

ARTICLE IX The office(s) of Chaplain will be filled by volunteers upon approval of the Executive Board, subject to yearly review.

ARTICLE X The office(s) of Road Captain will be appointed by the President and/or his representative for any said period of time, not to exceed the calendar year.

ARTICLE XI The duties of the officers of the RRCMC are as follows:
1. The duties of the PRESIDENT shall be to preside at all meetings of the club; appoint all committee chairmen; as well as other committees necessary; to vote only when one vote is necessary to break a tie; to serve as a member on all committees: call club business meetings; and shall at all times observe and enforce the provisions of the Club Constitution and By-Laws.
2. The duties of the VICE PRESIDENT shall be to assume the duties of the President in the event of an absence or vacancy; complete the term of the President in the event a vacancy occurs; and act as the custodian of all permanent and temporary assets except monies.

3. The duties of the SECRETARY shall be to be the custodian of the permanent records of the RRCMC, except treasury, shall keep the minutes of all meetings, including a record of all officers* meetings; read the minutes of all the last club meeting and officers meetings at the following club meeting; keep the record of attendance at all meetings: be able to produce a current copy of the Constitution and By-Laws with attached amendments: shall take care of all correspondence.

4. The duties of the TREASURER shall be to receive and distribute all monies; read the current financial status report at each meeting, rend account of all receipts and expenditures; audit treasury of all satellite chapters as necessary, at least once a year; and aid in secretarial functions as the Secretary deems necessary.

5. The duties of the DIRECTORS shall be to represent the membership of the RRCMC in all Executive Board matters.

ARTICLE XII Financial Responsibilities - All funds will be disbursed by check. The signature of one of the officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) will he required on all checks. All monies will be deposited in an appropriate banking facility, selected by the Treasurer, and approved by the President. The financial records will be open for review by any club member in good standing. All funds disbursed will be included in the financial report at the next business meeting of the RRCMC.

ARTICLE XIII The membership will be informed of all scheduled monthly meetings.

ARTICLE XIV A Majority vote (50% + 1) of the active club members present at any called or regularly scheduled business meeting(s), will constitute approval for all actions, except actions otherwise specified in the By-Laws.

ARTICLE XV Election of Officers:

1. Nominations, by secret written ballot for each office will be opened two business meetings prior to Annual Banquet with the election taking place at the conclusion of the second meeting. All members having been fully patched for one year shall be considered eligible for nomination.

2. Installation of Officers will take place at the Annual Banquet.

3. Votes shall be cast by secret written ballot. A plurality vote shall be necessary to elect.

4. The term of office for each officer shall commence and end at the Annual Banquet of the election year. The term of each office shall be three years. Elections will be held one year for the office of President & Secretary, the next year Treasurer and one Director, and the next year Vice President and the other Director.

5. Vacancies which occur in the office of the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Director shall be filled by the unanimous approval of the Board and presented to the membership at the next most convenient business meeting. The term of office will be until the next election of that office.

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